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 Supply Chain Management Guide

Powerpoint Presentation (172 slides)





In today’s rapidly changing business environment, ever greater demands are being placed on business
  • to provide products and services quicker
  • with greater added value
  • to the correct location
  • with no relevant inventory position.

Customers want more quality, design, innovation, choice, convenience and service, and they want to spend less money, effort, time and risk.

The supply chain of a company consists of different departments, ranging from procurement of materials to customer service.

Supply Chain Management means transforming a company’s "supply chain" into an optimally efficient, customer-satisfying process, where the effectivity of the whole supply chain is more important than the effectivity of each individual department.

In order to help businesses transform their supply chain, Imants BVBA provides the Supply Chain Management Guide, a practical and comprehensive Powerpoint Presentation of all the aspects of Supply Chain Management.



The Supply Chain Management Guide is a Powerpoint  Presentation consisting of 8 chapters and 170 slides:

1. Introduction

1. Key Concepts

  1. Supply Chain
  2. Logistics
  3. Supply Chain Management (2 slides)

2. Principal Issues

  1. Supply Chain (2 slides)
  2. Elements of Logistics
  3. Logistic goal
  4. Logistic steps
  5. Evolution in logistics
  6. Supply Chain Management goal
  7. Supply Chain Management focus
  8. Drivers of Change (2 slides)
  9. Supply Chain Management activities

3. Analysis

  1. Diagram
  2. Understand the customer (2 slides)
  3. Understand the products
  4. Understand the process
  5. Understand the information flow

4. Performance indicators

  1. Performance indicators (4 slides)


2. Purchasing and Procurement

1. Key Concepts:  purchasing - procurement

2. Principal Issues

  1. Evolution in purchasing
  2. The procurement process (2 slides)
  3. Elements of Supply Uncertainty
  4. Selecting a supplier
  5. Trends in Purchasing and Procurement (2 slides)

3. Analysis

4. Suggestions

5. Performance indicators

  1. Delivery to Schedule
  2. Quality to Specification


3. Sales Forecasting

1. Key Concepts

2. Principal Issues

  1. Elements of demand uncertainty
  2. Components of demand
  3. Sales forecasting methods (5 slides)
  4. Major uses of sales forecasts (3 slides)
  5. Advantages of better forecasting (2 slides)
  6. Factors that influence forecast accuracy

3. Checklist

4. Suggestions (4 slides)


4. Production planning and control

1. Key Concepts

  1. Production planning and control

2. Principal Issues

  1. Production as a goal or means (2 slides)
  2. Economies of Scope vs Scale (2 slides)
  3. Order Decoupling Point
  4. Planning hierarchy
  5. Production control systems

3. Suggestions


5. Material Handling

1. Key Concepts

  1. Material Handling (2 slides)

2. Principal Issues

  1. Tasks of a Materials Handling Manager (2 slides)
  2. Material Handling System Design
  3. Material Handling System components (5 slides)
  4. Most cost-effective means of transport (3 slides))
  5. Warehousing (4 slides)

3. Suggestions


6. Inventory Management

1. Key Concepts

2. Principal Issues

  1. Types of inventory (2 slides)
  2. Functions of inventory (2 slides)
  3. Elements of inventory (2 slides)
  4. Reasons for holding inventory
  5. Inventory costs (2 slides)
  6. Inventory management (4 slides)
  7. ABC-Analysis (6 slides)
  8. Inventory Management Systems (4 slides)
  9. How much to order (4 slides)
  10. When to order (2 slides)
  11. Safety stock
  12. Excess Inventory
  13. Inventory Counting Methods (2 slides)

3. Suggestions

  1. 6 step Action Plan
  2. Inventory Matrix
  3. Rationalize Products
  4. Reduce Excess

4. Performance indicators (2 slides)


7. Distribution

1. Key Concepts (5 slides)

2. Principal Issues

  1. Functions of Physical Distribution
  2. Distribution Decisions
  3. Transport Modes (7 slides)
  4. Outsourcing
  5. Distribution warehouses

3. Performance indicators


8. Customer Service

1. Key Concepts

2. Principal Issues

  1. What Customers Look For (4 slides)
  2. What Customers Experience (2 slides)
  3. What Customers Want
  4. Customer Service Issues
  5. Service Levels

3. Analysis

  1. Customer Analysis (3 slides)
  2. Know the Customer
  3. Customer Service Levels
  4. Customer Response

4. Suggestions

5. Performance indicators (5 slides)


Target group

The Supply Chain Management Guide provides strategies, tools and techniques for both executives and managers in production, purchasing, inventory control, customer service and distribution.

It also meets the growing needs of students studying business and especially production/operations management.



The Supply Chain Management Guide will enable you to:
  • get a good insight in the various chains
  • use the checklists
  • use the tools
  • implement the proposed actions
  • monitor the results
  • communicate the knowledge of Supply Chain Management to your colleagues in your organization
  • use it as a means to deepen your understanding of the topic

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Spanish version: La Guía de Gestión de la Cadena de Suministro


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