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In this issue: 5S 3rd step: Seiso - Keep machines and work areas clean.

We have already covered the first two of the five S's.

Seiri, which is primarily about putting things away that are not needed and Seiton, which takes those things which are being used and makes sure they are always to hand when the are needed.

This week, the subject is Seiso (scrub or shine), or keeping machines and work areas clean.

I am sure everybody likes to come home, when the house is cleaned and everything is on it's place.

The same happens at the workplace. People prefer to come to work and to their workplace when the environment is clean.

And people who like to come to their work, are motivated.

There are several steps in the cleaning process:

So keep in mind:

Seiso is cleaning, but also inspecting and simple repair and preventive maintenance.

Next week, I will talk more in detail about the fourth action: Seiketsu (make cleaning and checking a routine practice)

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