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Dear Marcel, 

The presentations downloaded successfully.

Congratulations: the Slides are very professional and of an excellent quality! 


Horacio Soriano-Meier, MBA, PhD
Associate Professor of Operations Management,
Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela

Dear Marcel,

I was able to buy the Supply Chain Management presentation from your website. It was an excellent work.
Now I am interested about the Just in Time information, have you some presentations or documents on line that I can buy?
Thanks for your assistance. 

Manuel Zarza (

By the way - the Supply Chain presentation is very good and exactly what I needed.

Peter Claghorn (

Thanks for your newsletter Marcel.
By the way the presentations are great!
Clear, understandable and effective.


Malcolm Taylor (

I would just like to drop you a quick line to say thank you for the presentation I purchased from you. I used it as a base for a presentation I
had to give at a job interview and I am pleased to say I was successful.

I have been working as a European Supply Chain Planner for a rapidly expanding Pharmaceuticals company for the last 5 months, a position which exceeded my expectations, both financial and cerebral.

Again, thank you for an excellent presentation which certainly was the best purchase I have ever made online


Shaun Ellingham (

Marcel, I do appreciate very much your TPM-Guide. We are going to setup TPM locally at our site and we are just in the implementation phase, so did not kick-off yet.
We followed very much your recommendations how to implement TPM and I feel it's a usefull guideline.

Heiko Marquardt (

I would like to thank you for the excellent presentation on APS, as I used it to secure a new job in ERP sales.

Many thanks.

Martin (

Thank you for reminding me of your great products.  Yes, I find your information very helpful and am now heading to your web site for more.

A logical, systematic approach to Supply Chain Management, probably the most effective source material available on the web today.

Malcolm A V Brocklebank, Director Marketing and Management Solutions - Hongkong  (

Thank you for your instant reply to my request.

I find the TPM presentation most interesting and certainly useful.

Edward Valley (

Marcel, thank you for your quick response. The information your company has

gathered is right on.  I will also be purchasing the guide on supply chain management.

Paul M. Micene (

I have downloaded your Supply Chain Management Guide and find it good value for money. I liked it! Do you have any other documentation to offer? Iwould be interested to hear your views of integrating this with an ISO / TQM approach

Thanks again for a job well done.

Howard Morris (Canada) (

Marcel, Thanks for your fast service and answer. I liked very much the presentation and surely it has saved a lot of my time. I work in the Supply Chain Process since 1993 and I am very passionated for this process. During those years I have been dealing with detergents, soaps, margerine and lately I am at Ice Cream division, where the Supply Chain becomes a bit different due to the characterisitics of the product.

The most important difference I have seen is the seasonality, affecting the entire logistics flow, such as: forecasting/demand, planning, manufacturing, labor, distribution and son on.

Particularly in Brazil, ice cream has high consumption during summertime or when the temperature becomes hotter. During winter season, the consumption is very low. In some cases, factories close down or produce continually using low output rates building stock to be consumed when demanded.

Vehicles are parked, people go for vacations, machines are under utilized, discounts and promotions go high, replenishment is reduced and cabinets are collected from beaches and other temporary point of sales.

Imagine what happen with the Supply Management flow, in terms of assets, people, inventory and related costs. By the way, let me know if you have anything specific for ice cream.

On the other hand, I am writing a book about Supply Chain and a lot of your presentation has been used as a guide.

Thanks, Paulo.

Paulo Roberto Bertaglia (

Dear Marcel,

I found your "supply chain management guide" absolutely useful. I actually used it to make my own presentation from it which I held infront of all our European salesmen.

It became a great success and I was praised by all. ( so I am indepted to you for this )

Of course I had to shorten it to about 50 slides incl. some I added by myself or altered yours to fit the requirements of an industrial sales company. But I used the sceletton of your presentation. Of course I added my own vivid words of explanation.

In it´s original form it was stared at as a wonder of completeness and well-organisedness by all my manager collegues and even our vice president.

Your very satisfied customer

Manager Organisation and IS development of a multinational company in Germany.

I ordered your Supply Chain Management Presentation some time ago.

First, I found the presentation to be very helpful in as much as it re-focussed me on the basics. I have worked in the Materials arena for almost 40 years and your presentation more than adequately hit the key points.

I am not sure how exactly I will use this as I proceed from here but I found it extremely well done and, as I said, the key areas are well covered.

Alexander Anderson (Former Production Control Manager in IBM's Semiconductor divisions) (

The TPM presentation is very well done.

Michetti Massimo (Italy)(


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